Exploring Pixels.com

I have created a lot of artwork throughout my career. Collectors of my work have mentioned that my designs and art would look amazing on home decor items. I did experiment with printing items myself and selling them at shows and galleries. I made purses, and journals, and accessories, and greeting cards etc. However, I found it really expensive to make all these things myself and a huge drain on my time, and of course I had to admit, I was not really great at sewing purses. My talent really is in painting and designing.

Recently, I discovered pixels.com.  A friend mentioned it quite awhile ago, but I never took the time to explore it. Why? Just too busy running Artfest Ontario. Finally, I did have a good look and have now joined for free. There are many artists using this service to sell their originals, prints and a slew of handy decorative items. It is quite exciting. Plus affordable. And available worldwide. Wow! Items ship to anywhere in 2-3 days.

You can now order any of my artworks printed on a wide variety of high quality items: art prints (canvas, metal, acrylic, wood), home decor (pillows, shower curtains etc), lifestyle (yoga mats, weekender tote bags), stationery, apparel, cell phone covers and more. PLUS many of my originals are for sale too, just awaiting a new wall to decorate your home.