Lory MacDonald with Frankie.



Lory has explored many approaches to creating artworks throughout her artistic career. 'Painting from the Heart' is how she describes her work.

Lory’s paintings draw upon her many skills that include: painting, sewing, jewelry making, decorating, paper mache sculpting, doll making, and hand painting glassware. They all begin as a sketchbook line drawing and then are stepped through a creative process to design a composition. This may include scanning, manipulation, layering, distortion, repeating, resizing, coloring, mirroring and combining more than one line drawing. Then the painting process begins.
The results are rich and interesting layers of color and texture reminiscent of luminous glass, batik, decorative work, ceramics, illustration, and graphic design. These paintings showcase the busy hands and mind of a constant maker. They draw upon nature, enhanced by the transparency of watercolor and textiles.

Collectors have commented that the finished paintings are reminiscent of playful aerial imagery, landscape vistas and other worlds.

Growing up on Toronto Island in a family of thinkers, doers and inventors, Lory spent a lot of all her time playing outside in the parks and beaches of the island. This has instilled a strong sense of community involvement, as both her parents were very active volunteers in their community. Another influence on her work has been many years of teaching children’s art as the founder of the Magic of Children in the Arts in Collingwood, Ontario. This has infused her imagination and has added a childlike quality to her colorful paintings and drawings.

Gustav Klimt, Henry Matisse, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miro and Hundertwasser have also influenced Lory’s work.

Custom designs are available in the Themed Portrait mixed media style. If you have someone that is celebrating a special date: retirement, wedding, birthday, or just life, then this a wonderful timeless gift that will be treasured for generations. Contact me for more information.

Lory owns Artfest Ontario, which produces seven art and craft festivals in Canada. She is a partner in the Artists Advantage, a membership business that provides discounts, services and resources for artists. Lory also founded the Magic of Children in the Arts in 1994, a registered charity that inspires children to create, exhibit and celebrate art. It is Canada's largest children's art exhibition.